Building Oversight Committee update

February 16, 2023:

The Building Oversight Committee (BOC) told the realtors that the church will have a list of “restrictive covenants” that will control how the property may be used by a buyer/developer. The restrictions will disallow, for example; liquor stores, Houses of Worship, a competing preschool, heavy industry or adult entertainment sites. The St. Petersburg building codes already restrict what can be built near preschools and churches.

The Building Oversight Committee reaffirmed its intent to ask the Preschool Advisory Council to give feedback to the Building Oversight Committee about specific design elements for the new preschool. Chairman Scott Russell said it has always been the intent to hear from parents when the time comes for design decisions. The committee pointed out that no hard design decisions can be made until the committee has a firm budget to work with which will be dictated by the property sale prices

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