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  • A PCC member filed an unauthorized third-party application to declare nearly all PCC property a “local landmark” delaying church plans and increasing costs

    (April 28th, 2023) Pasadena Community Church was blindsided by one PCC member’s “third-party filing” with the City of St. Petersburg to declare most of the PCC campus a “local landmark site. ” Regardless of the unlikely merits of the application, the city is required to process the application which could take months. PCC leaders toldContinue…

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  • Building Oversight Committee begins considering land sale offers

    (April 27, 2023) The Building Oversight Committee has begun considering a number of offers for the purchase of the two parcels of land that church members voted to sell in order to renovate church properties. The committee is working to clarify a number of questions about the offers which will take a period of weeks.Continue…

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  • See the marketing brochure for the PCC land sale

    See the marketing brochure for the PCC land sale

    Our real estate agents are beginning to market the land that PCC members voted to sell to fund our exciting renovations. We thought you would be interested in what potential buyers will be reading. Click here to read the brochure.

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  • Building Oversight Committee update

    February 16, 2023: The Building Oversight Committee (BOC) told the realtors that the church will have a list of “restrictive covenants” that will control how the property may be used by a buyer/developer. The restrictions will disallow, for example; liquor stores, Houses of Worship, a competing preschool, heavy industry or adult entertainment sites. The St.Continue…

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  • Meet our listing agents: Colliers/Coldwell Banker

    Meet our listing agents: Colliers/Coldwell Banker

    (February 5, 2023) The Building Oversight Committee selected the combined effort of Colliers and Coldwell Banker realtors to represent the PCC property sale. The selection came from ten stellar applications and the committee encouraged the other applicants to stay with us on this journey and identify spectacular buyers who will responsibly develop the property inContinue…

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  • PCC Preschool Parents hear details

    PCC Preschool Parents hear details

    1/18/23Rev. Corey Jones and Rev. Gary Logan spent the evening briefing parents of PCC Preschool children about the plans to eventually move the school to what is currently the Life Enrichment Center (LEC). They went through the preliminary plans that are being proposed that include selling two parcels of land totaling more than five acres,Continue…

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