Churches by Daniels

Pasadena Community Church chose Churches by Daniels as our partner to help guide us through the renovations and construction of the LEC, Hamilton Building and the sanctuary. The company will handle design and construction and has been helpful in our early decision-making about how to best use our properties. The company has been building and renovating churches since 1980. It has won many design awards.

Churchs by Daniels posts this philosophy on its company website:

Most pastors feel a deep responsibility to steward their funds appropriately. At Churches by Daniels, we help you do that by using a real, open-book budget. We don’t pad the budget with “secret” money. Instead, you see the actual costs of all materials and labor. Any savings with subcontractors goes straight back to your church. We’ll keep you well-informed with open, honest, and fluid communication, which means you can keep your congregation informed as well, giving them a sense of ownership in your church building project.

Here is the company’s website which explains the company’s history and you can see the many projects these experts have delivered for churches all over America.

Here are a few of their projects in Florida including one in Naples, one in Winter Haven. Some of the designs are more traditional exteriors with stunning interiors.