Sales subcommittee

This subcommittee’s role is to advise the Building Oversight Committee about matters pertaining to the sale of the two parcels of property that the church membership approved to be sold.

The committee’s first job is to determine the qualifications that the church wants in a listing agent, then take applications and screen and interview applications. The subcommittee will recommend the top three applicants to the Building Oversight Committee.

Step one: The sales subcommittee will begin immediately taking applications from qualified listing agents. The application deadline is 4pm EST January 4, 2023.
Step two: On January 5, 2023, the sales subcommittee will meet to select the top contenders from the applications
Step three: The subcommittee will invite three-to-five of the top applicants to make a personal pitch to the subcommittee on January 12th, 2023.
Step four: The sales subcommittee will choose the top applicants who will then make a second in-person appearance, this time in front of the Building Oversight Committee.

The applications should include:

1. A minimum of five years in the business of licensed real estate sales and development
2. A list of development and residential and commercial sales projects.
3. Experience with zoning and working with the City of St. Petersburg
4. Listing commission required

The committee members are:

KC Jones, Ashley Frazier, Gary Butler, Tom Deyampart, Paul Gifford.

Ashley Frazier joined PCC in 2014, and her children attended the PCC preschool and Mother’s Morning Out. She is an avid supporter of the church’s children’s ministries. Ashley is a Certified Residential Appraiser with 21 years of experience. She has also appraised commercial property. She has been a sales agent since 2019.

Tom Deyampart serves on the St. Pete Beach Planning Committee and is a long-time PCC member.
You can read the background of other subcommittee members (Paul, KC and Gary) here.

December 7th, 2022

The Sales subcommittee drafted the basic requirements for applicants who want to be the listing agent for the two properties.

To be clear, the two properties are listed on this map are numbered 1 and 2. The #2 property is currently the preschool. the woodshop and the thrift mall. The #1 property is the soccer field property.

The sales subcommittee assumes the #2 property will be sold as residential or commercial property. The #1 property, the sales subcommittee assumes will remain residential property.

Any offer will be evaluated by the Building Oversight Committee, the Trustees would approve or disapprove the sales offer.

The sales subcommittee wanted to make it clear that church members who are agents and are qualified to handle the listing are encouraged to apply. But the committee said the choice will be made based on the quality of the application with no preference given as to whether the listing agent is a PCC member or not.

Deed restrictions
The subcommittee began considering what restrictions PCC should place on the property beyond what the City of St. Petersburg allows. Generally, the subcommittee recognizes that the fewer restrictions there are on a property, the more attractive the property might be to a buyer. However, the church has an interest in protecting against some uses of the property. Largely, the Among the restrictions, the subcommittee is considering would be not allowing a competing preschool, liquor store, church, mobile home park, or convenience store. When a developer makes an offer, they would agree to or negotiate the restrictions.