Updated Meeting Notes

February 5, 2023 The Building Oversight Committee selected the combined effort of Colliers and Coldwell Banker realtors to represent the PCC property sale. Learn more about the agencies and what’s next.

January 18, 2023 Rev. Corey Jones and Rev. Gary Logan spent the evening briefing parents of PCC Preschool children about the plans to eventually move the school to what is currently the Life Enrichment Center (LEC). They went through the preliminary plans that are being proposed that include selling two parcels of land totaling more than five acres. Read more details including questions and answers.

December 7, 2022
The Sales subcommittee held its first meeting today and began drafting the criteria for how the subcommittee will choose a listing agent who will represent, market and sell our two parcels of land. The subcommittee, consisting of two real estate agents, a licensed property evaluator, a developer and an attorney will begin accepting applications from listing agents until January 5th. At that time the subcommittee will narrow the field to three to five qualified agents who will make face-to-face presentations January 12th, 2023. Based on those presentations, the subcommittee will recommend the top three applications to the Building Oversight Committee. Read more about the sales subcommittee meeting here.

November 30th, 2022
The PCC Building Oversight Committee met, for the first time on November 30th.

The UMC District and District Superintendent have approved the PCC plans to sell some property and renovate buildings. That is a key first step required by the UMC Discipline

Committee Chairman Scott Russell reminded the group that while the oversight committee will oversee the renovation, there will be several other subcommittees that will take on specialized duties as needs emerge. For example, there will be a subcommittee to facilitate the land sale.

One first issue is how to select an agent to list the property.
A sales subcommittee will hear “pitches” from interested agents. KC Jones (The chair of the PCC Trustees and experienced realtor) will head the sales subcommittee. By late next week, the subcommittee will draft the description of what the committee will expect from the ideal listing agent. (( The sales subcommittee held its first meeting December 7, 2022. Read about that meeting here.))

The pitches should include offers of how the agent would market the property, how much of a commission they would charge and what they uniquely offer to cleanly complete the transaction. The committee will hear agents pitch how they envision that the land would be marketed, i.e. as residential or commercial zoning.

The sales committee will interview the pitching agents and make a recommendation to the Building Oversight Committee about who is the leading applicant(s). The Building Oversight Committee will make the final listing agent selection.

The committee will be especially interested in an applicant’s track record for selling similar properties, both residential and commercial. The listing agent may or may not be a PCC member. The agents that PCC would seriously consider should have deep knowledge of zoning matters. The committee agreed that any listing agent contract should have a stipulation that the contract is for six months, after which time, if the sale is not completed, then the church would re-evaluate whether to relist the property with the same agent or find a different listing agent.

The Building Oversight Committee began considering what deed restrictions might be imposed on a buyer. A deed restriction would establish a legally enforceable agreement about how a piece of land can be developed. The more restrictions that a seller places on a parcel the more the seller limits the number of potential buyers might be.

Pastor Corey said that PCC sent a letter to parents of preschool children informing them of the church’s decision to sell the property that includes the current pre-school. The letter explains that the LEC will be modified to improve school safety and make it easier to pick up and drop off children. Soon, Corey and Church Council Chair Gary Butler will meet face-to-face with school parents to explain the plans that the church membership approved.

Next steps:

December 7th: a sales subcommittee will meet to discuss the wording for the open call for realtors who want to come before the committee to make a proposal to be the listing agent. The committee will also draft language that could be included in a covenant restrictions document.

Shortly afterwards, likely before Christmas, PCC will begin accepting proposals from realtors. Likely in the first week of January, the sales subcommittee will begin reviewing the proposals and decide which ones to invite to make a face-to-face presentation. Then the subcommittee will make a recommendation to the full Building Review Committee.

Mid-January -the Building Oversight Committee set a goal to award a contract for a listing agent by mid to late January.