Meet our listing agents: Colliers/Coldwell Banker

(February 5, 2023) The Building Oversight Committee selected the combined effort of Colliers and Coldwell Banker realtors to represent the PCC property sale. The selection came from ten stellar applications and the committee encouraged the other applicants to stay with us on this journey and identify spectacular buyers who will responsibly develop the property in ways that will enhance the community while returning the finances to PCC that we plan to use to renovate and reimagine the buildings that help us deliver our ministries.

Here is the team that presented the application to Pasadena Community Church and will lead the sales and brokering effort.

The main contact is Paula Claire Smith 727-409-5539,

The combination of these significant realty companies delivers expertise and reach that enhance our opportunity to find great buyers who have the vision and resources we will require.

The selection also was partially based on an applicant’s proven track record of selling significant residential and commercial properties as well as experience in dealing with planning and zoning issues that inevitably come up when developing properties of this size. The graphic above are some of their recent sales. Some involve non-profit property owners like us.

The Collier/Coldwell Banker team is currently researching what advantages the City of St. Petersburg may give to the property which is located so close to the new SunRunner transit system that the city is aggressively promoting.

The committee made a few stipulations on the listing.
1. The soccer field will be sold as residential property. (It is currently platted for 10 parcels.)
2. The listing will not include an asking price but instead will solicit offers.
3. There will not be “for sale” signage on the property so as to avoid sending the false signal that the church is for sale. The agents agreed that among developers, word of opportunities like this spread fast unlike individual home sales that need signage.
4. There will be deed restrictions on the property that will be detailed with prospective buyers. The City of St. Petersburg already has significant restrictions about what can be located near a church (no liquor stores or adult entertainment businesses etc.) The other restrictions will include height restrictions and whether another church or preschool could buy the property. The listing agent applicants all told the committee that the more restrictions that a seller demands, the smaller the pool of potential buyers might be, but the committee was clear that the best bid may not be the highest bid. We are looking for the “right” bid.

What’s next:
The Colliers/Coldwell Banker team will begin gathering a detailed understanding of property lines, zoning restrictions, plats, square footage and all of the things you would want to know if you were buying a multi-million dollar property. They will photograph and begin the listing and publicizing phase. (Buyers also have due diligence opportunities. Learn more here if you are interested.)

THIS IS A GOOD TIME TO REMIND YOU THAT THIS PROCESS MAY TAKE A YEAR OR EVEN LONGER. The sale of big pieces of property for development can be tedious and time-consuming. Nobody will be surprised if it takes a year from now (Spring 2024) before a sale closes. It would take even longer, of course, for renovations to complete and preschool classes and church offices to move. It could well be the spring of 2025 before everything is done.

However long it takes, we ask you to be in prayer for our realtors, our church and preschools leaders, the potential buyers, our partners at Churches by Daniels who will do the design and construction and of course, our church family that will be impacted in personal and even emotional ways as we breathe new life and opportunities into our church buildings.

As always, send questions here or leave a message on 727-498-6598 where we have constantly updated versions of what we report here online for people who do not have online access.

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