PCC Preschool Parents hear details

Rev. Corey Jones and Rev. Gary Logan spent the evening briefing parents of PCC Preschool children about the plans to eventually move the school to what is currently the Life Enrichment Center (LEC).

They went through the preliminary plans that are being proposed that include selling two parcels of land totaling more than five acres, including the property on which the preschool currently sits.

There is no hard timeline for when the preschool would move. Realtors who have discussed the plans with the PCC Building Oversight Committee say, optimistically, the land could sell and a deal could close in a year, but more likely it will be longer, perhaps even twice as long depending on whether a buyer/developer’s plans. Pastor Corey said whenever the transition to the newly renovated building occurs, the goal would be to make the move at the least possible disruptive time, such as after a school semester. Pastor Gary said any move would likely be no earlier than the end of the 2023-2024 school year.

When the move does occur, the PCC Preschool plans to maintain its current enrollment levels and licensing while providing a more modern and safe environment in the more modern LEC building. The pastors pointed out that the LEC has a covered portico that would make picking up and dropping off children from preschool and on rainy days, the classrooms would be steps from a full gymnasium.

The preschool would be ADA-compliant.

The new PCC school in the LEC would require some renovation and modification including installing bathrooms and sinks in classrooms.

This is the proposed renovation plan for the LEC. You can see the classrooms on the left side. The preschool offices are on the right side. The PCC kitchen remains where it is. The PCC Thrift Shop is planned to be located in the upper right of the above diagram.

The playground for the PCC school would move to the space that would be in the upper left corner of the above diagram. It is currently an unused green space. The new playground will be slightly larger than the current playground.

(design concept of the front of the new preschool building)

Pastor Gary pointed out that the proposed play area across the street (attached to the Hamilton Building) would be an ideal place for PCC Preschool families to gather and socialize.

(Proposed gathering space outside the Hamilton Building)

The children’s Afterschool Aftercare Program will be located in the renovated Hamilton Building. The renovation will include new classrooms and updated safety measures for pickup/dropoff.

Some Q/A from the parents:
-Is there room for growth when the school moves? Pastor Corey said there would be some spots where there could be future expansion.

-How long would it take to license a new facility? All of the licensing would have to occur before any move occurs. Licensing depends, partly on space per child. All of that is would part of the design. Pastor Gary suggested that the retrofitting of the building might take 6-7 months.

Do you envision an outdoor gathering space similar to what the preschool has now?
Pastor Gary said yes, the outdoor space can be designed however we want including the gazebo. Pastor Gary said, “We want your ideas and feedback for how we design this.”

-Are you going to be particular about who you sell that property to? Pastor Corey responded that without a doubt there will be restrictions about what cannot be put on the current school space. The current zoning is residential.

The school is full with a waiting list. Why does it have to move? It is true that we have a successful and terrific school and and outstanding staff and administration. However, the building is old and inevitably will need repairs. It has multiple AC units that are on their last legs. At the same time, we have lots of rarely used modern classroom space in the LEC and the church membership voted to use that space while selling off the two parcels to pay to renovate other parts of the campus. In the end, it is a matter of maximizing the best use of space that the total church campus has under its roofs.

-Would the food pantry dropoff still run out of the LEC? Pastor Gary said more likely the food pantry dropoff would move to the circular drive dropoff outside the new gathering space (next to the Sanctuary.)

-Parents asked questions about classroom access and safety. Pastor Corey (who is the father of two young boys) said “safety is a main concern and we will not cut corners at all on that.”

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