Preliminary cost estimates and savings

Keep in mind that all plans are still in the design stages. No doubt, designs will change according to the budget that the property sale allows us to adopt. When there are significant changes being contemplated or approved, we will post them here as soon as possible.

  • Life Enrichment Center (LEC)
    • To meet certification standards for the new Preschool location; Maintains the same number of students
    • Kitchen remains
    • The gymnasium for Recreation and Preschool activities remains
    • Thrift Store moves to LEC location
    • Food Pantry remains
    • Meets Emergency Operation Center (EOC) Compliance
  • Renovate the Hamilton Building
    • New/updated classrooms for youth, young adults and adults
    • New updated children’s space with an indoor playground and secured for safety
    • Staff offices move to Hamilton
    • The chapel remains; size adjusted, AV upgrade
    • Elevator (to meet ADA requirements)
    • Hamilton Auditorium remains with minimal changes
    • Bathrooms updated;
    • New bathroom on 3rd floor
    • Outside Gathering Area with playground (young families)
  • Gathering Space
    • Joins Sanctuary with Hamilton Building
    • New Covered drive
    • Café
    • Archive Area
  • Renovate the Sanctuary (these plans are largely dependant on fudning.)
    • Build a new perimeter wall takes seating to aprox. 600 seats (there is a lot of debate about this feature and it will require considerable conversation and creative thinking.)
    • Creates production room for Audio Visual
    • AV Upgrade
    • Audio/Visual now environmentally controlled
    • Creates a family room for young families
    • Creates a foyer walk around the sanctuary as additional gathering area
    • Build a pastoral room/robing room and or family meeting room on the northside foyer.
  • Maintenance Building
    • New Maintenance Structure (tool storage, workshed) and/or additional ministry needs. (The current workshop is adjacent to the Thrift Mall, so many members might not know it exists)

Master Plan Estimated Cost

Hamilton renovation$5,000,000 $6,000,000
LEC renovation for preschool                       $1,600,000 $2,000,000
Welcome Hall/Gathering (attached to the sanctuary)$1,300,000 $1,600,000
Sanctuary updates$750,000 $1,000,000
Maint Bldg. (new)$100,000 $100,000
  $  8,750,000  $ 10,700,000
Soccer Field Property $3,330,000
Preschool, McCormick, and Nelson Buildings$3,990,000
  $  7,320,000
Building Operating Budget  CostCOST
2022 Budgeted Facilities Operating Expenses$481,097
Facilities Non-Operating repair expenses – 3-year average (2019-2022)$168,008
Total annual facilities expense$649,105

This is an annual savings of $ 194,732, an estimated 30% reduction

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